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Rubio vs Chavez Jr.

Rubio is a live dog who should not be ovwerlooked ,just ask David Lemieux's handler's .This I think will be a tough fight on Chavez.Chavez is a massive 160 but I think Rubio might pull this one off ,I would not bet too much money on this fight .I give Chavez credit for taking the fight.Very intriguing fight.

Re: Rubio vs Chavez Jr.

I still think Chavez is very raw but his youth and resiliency in the ring will give him the win. Im gonna go as far as saying this will be a career defining fight for Chavez. Im starting to like him more and more. This fight will show that he is one of the best and he is ready for the big boys. I say his stops Rubio late. He will out work Rubio and out box him when he needs too. 10th round ko.

Re: Rubio vs Chavez Jr.

This is actually what Im hoping for but I could be way hi. I saw a change in Chavez though his last fight.

Re: Rubio vs Chavez Jr.

Ghiz good call on the fight ,Chavez seem's to get better every fight .Martinez would be a tough fight for Chavez,but keep in mind Chavez get's back in the ring at 180 lbs.and that is a big middle weight.As you said he does seem to be a little raw but under Roach he is starting to box much more.Should be interesting who they pick for him next.He could easily fight at supermiddle but maybe that's too much to ask for right now,I guess they will drain him as long as they can to keep out of the 168 pack.Man he look's huge at the weight.

Re: Rubio vs Chavez Jr.

Yeah Rick it was unbelieveable how big he looked. I think this was the biggest weight gain, almost 22 lbs., Ive heard of since Gattie gained 20lbs against Jesse James Leija. He looked like he was bigger than Roy Jones Jr. or even a crusierweight. Hes probably not ready for Martinez just yet. He maybe a bit to fast for him. He would have to go to war. His next fight he needs to fight a faster guy to prepare for Martinez. Maybe a fight or two and then fight him at the beginning of next year or even in December this year.

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