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march 24 fight nite at the fourm

we have a 6 card pro am and 5 card 11 fights in all tyson vs soto for wbc title hope to see u all there

Re: march 24 fight nite at the fourm

This sounds like an awesome card. The last card was a success and I think that more people will come out to watch this one as Soto is a real threat to Cave and will give him some good work. Tyson needs to make a statement with this fight and really impress us all. After this fight if he wins he should get some bigger fights. All the best with this card.

Re: march 24 fight nite at the fourm

Sounds good..........don't know of anyone (who was there!) who didn't enjoy the last card...a better opponent for Tyson will be good....hopefully you can bring back the three young NS pros.

Re: march 24 fight nite at the fourm

Yes it was very excting and the two KO's on the night were crowd pleasers. Robert you should put a rematch on for Stephane Landry and Norman Peters. Norman was doing quite well up until he got caught. If he is cleared he should get to fight again on your card.

Re: march 24 fight nite at the fourm

Ghizmo...look at Norman Peters record!!!!!!!!!

I don't think that's a good often as he's been knocked out he should probably quit!!!!!!!!

If Landry is on the next card there are lots of pro cruiserweights in NB who may give a good fight...can't see Peters being cleared that fast anyway.

I would like to see Ryan Burgess get another was his debut and he was fighting valiantly against a strong opponent w/ a couple of pro fights under his belt. The guy will obviously fight his heart out and deserves another chance.

Re: march 24 fight nite at the fourm

Yeah John your right. His record is a losing one and usually you get a 30 day suspension I believe. But it was a good competitive fight up until he got caught. I think he was winning the fight and his jab looked great.

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