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Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

In Nov of 2011 the city of Edmonton passed a bylaw increasing licsence and event fees to fighters, cornermen, and promoters, however the Edmonton Commission under the direction of Pat Reid had been busy charging everyone under the then unapproved fee structure for TEN MONTHS PRIOR.

If as a fighter or corner you paid more then $25 for the YEAR to fight in Edmonton, you have had monies collected from you unlawfully an are required to send a letter of complaint to the City Manager Simon Farbrother along with the Edmonton Commission.

If as a promoter, you were charged increased event fees or charged for services not rendered (eg. for 2 docs at a weigh in and only one being present) you are urged to file formal complaints with the city for these unlawfull practices as well.

These funds are owed back to those they were collected from knowingly and unlawfully.


Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Ya, I heard something about that. That's incredible. I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
Who is this Pat Reid guy I keep hearing about?

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Start by google searching Pat Reid and Alexei Yashin. That will give you a preliminary course in Pat Reid 101

Since then **** near everything he's had his hands in with the edmonton commission has either stunk of incompetence or corruption. Usually smells of both.

I'd like to know who he has incriminating photos of at city hall to have kept his job this long? Ilegally charging fees? Sounds right up his alley

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Retirement fund, perhaps?? Probably not needed in prison.....

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Wow, after talking to a few fighters and promoters this guy is a real peice of work. Lying to the ABC, stacking the commision, drinking at events, illegally charging fees. What the hell is the City of Edmonton doing???

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

After a blatant patronage appointment, my guess is now they're stuck with this guy and if they try and fire him, sh*t hits the fan. Hopefully City Council shows some balls and does away with him and those who chose to appoint him, and the voters do away with the corupt politicians who keep sweeping it under the rug!

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

I think there will be more sh*t hitting the fan when it comes to light that Reid allegedly overcharged illegaly upwards of tens of thousands of dollars while acting as a city employee. I think they call that Fraud.

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Heard from someone close to a promoter that it's upwards of $25K between most parties. Someone's in deep doo doo

Re: Were You Overcharged in 2011 when Fighting in Edmonton?

Sun, Janurary 29, 2012
John Short - Edmonton Sun

Local Fight Officials Left Working For Nothing?

Fees are going up. Activity in his sport is going down.

Veteran judge David Bilocerkowec deserves some credit for objecting to the high-handed action of Edmonton Combative Sports Commission chairman Pat
Reid,and even more credit for going public with his objections.

Bilocerkowec has a seven-year record of judging for the commission, which oversees boxing and other forms of hand-to-hand combat. He wants council to reject Reid's arbitrary decision to boost licence fees to referees and judges by more than 100% in

It's an astonishing increase.

Many North American centres are much busier and
charge their officials much less. Last year, for example, Bilocerkowec worked seven events and was paid $30 per event. If he pays $200 for an annual licence, he winds up working for almost nothing.

Why should he bother?

City council governs the ECSC, but anyone who believes council will step in is dreaming in technicolour. Respected former councillor Ron Hayter, who oversaw the commission in happier and healthier times, knows what to expect. He once watched a council
colleague sweep documented crticism of Reid under the
rug as other council members

I fully expect them to shrug again.

After all, they appointed Reid and this council has no
recent history of admitting mistakes.

Professional fighting has a shady history. It is not a high-profile item on the sports calendar in most
centres, although an active schedule brings money into a community. Edmonton - not just the commission and not just the fighters or their handlers - lost substantial income when only 20 shows were staged in 2Ol1, about half as many as in
2010. It's hard to guess how active this year will be, but women's featherweight champ Jelena
Mrdjenovich will headline a showin March. Jason Delaronde and James Cermak will be part of the

They are familiar fighters in these parts and have good records.Did commission malfunctions help to keep them out of the ring in their hometown?
Just asking.