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steve claggett fighter journal

Check out my website as Steve Claggett gives you an inside look at his preparation for his fight next week against Ryan Wagner.

Re: steve claggett fighter journal

Kid seems focused and he better be cause Wagner is no joke and will try to take his head, rest assured!

Re: steve claggett fighter journal

This is going to be a helluva bout...It's best that Claggett is that well prepared because Ryan is just as ready! May the best chin win!

Re: steve claggett fighter journal

Congrats to Steve he certianly looked very strong last night i caught the stream cause i didn't want to drive down but i was impressed. that liver shot is lethal i know the wagner camp was watching for that one but it got them anyway. i think Clagget has scored over ten knockdowns from body shots vs his last seven opponents... he clearly has a nack for going to the body.

i hope to see him up here fighting Coveny on our turf next I think rory could give him some problems with his southpaw stance.

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