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Margarito vs The Truth

Cotto want's Marg to admit that he had cheated,as if that's going to happen,and be a man.Mosely lied and even beat the lie detecter.Carma,Mosely pound's Marge and finish's him,prior to their fight Marg got caught with suspicious substance in his wrap's and had to fight without the plaster.I wonder if Marg did not get caught how different the fight may have been.I guessing Mosely's hard insude punching still would have give Marg fit's,but having brass knuckle's in a street fight is a great advantage.Why in the world is Marg getting the shot in the first place after Pacman destroyed him and the issue with the glove's,the answer is simple Arum is a pig who care's solely about his own greedy pocket's .If I was Pacman I would get rid of the old corrupt ******* .When these tough young men lay it on the line for their fan's it's sad to see these criminal's taken advantage of thier passion for glory.On a side note Dana white is an arogant pig who is no better.

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

wow rick thats not nice at christmas

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

I just saw that Mormeck is going to fight Vitali.
Same old BS, what has Mormeck done to deserve a shot? What did OLD Shannon Briggs do to deserve a shot?

Dana White is an evil ***** IMHO, but at least he makes good fights ( at the expense of the fighters ).

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

Kamala we are on the same page,at least someone like Mormeck is at the very least trying.How about Amir against Bradly.

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

That would be a hell of a fight ^^^^^^^^.

Looks like Amir is playing with the big boys now.

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

Kamala just read on the Boxingtalk that Bob Arum is looking for Amir and Bradly next ,that would be a test for both fighter's.Margarito and Cotto on Saturday,I would guess this is going to be a grudge match.There is bad blood between the two and I don't see too much of a feeling out period ,these guy's do not like each other.I would love to see Cotto beat the **** out of Marge,but this is gouing to be a dogfight.One fight I will not miss.

Re: Margarito vs The Truth

Should be a great fight for sure, be interesting to see how much the beatings from Pac and Moseley have taken out of Margarito..... Be really interesting to see how well he does without loaded gloves again too.

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