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David ¨The Jewish Bomber¨ Dusang

Thank-you for posting the story on David Dusang. David was a friend of mine, watched him in the 1980´s and stayed connected when he moved to Toronto.

Yes Winnipeg had Champions in Al Sparks, Wayne Caplette, Donny Lalonde, Dan Vandal, Mark Riggs, Chad Brisson, Brooke Wellby....sorry if I missed anyone. But let me tell one thing about David Dusang, he packed the house when he fought. His father Kenny made sure of it and for the most part David did not disappoint!!!

David ¨The Jewish Bomber¨ Dusang not only looked the part, he could crack with the best of them. His short ring career was a calculated wise choice, he knew there was better things ahead....and there were.

It was brought to my attention today that while in the amateur ranks David beat former World Champion Virgil Hill.

My condolences to David´s immediate family and his many friends around the world.

A true CHAMPION in and out of the ring!!!!

Murray Brace