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PPV #s

Any body have Saturday nights PPV #s for the Pacmans fight and the MMA.
Should be interesting to see where the interest went with the two sports compeating against each other for the fight fans $.

Re: PPV #s

Way to early for the Boxing PPV #'s to be released. Probably in a week or so they will be released. Also the MMA was free on Fox. Those numbers will be huge as it was free to watch. Im guessing 3-5 million viewers tops for the free UFC and Im guessing 1.4 million for the Boxing ppv.

Re: PPV #s

Thanks Ghizmo.

Re: PPV #s

Hey Gibby. Just so you know the UFC on Fox which was free to air generated 5.7 million viewers. Thats a really good number. This is the way fights should be seen.

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