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BOXING BC prepares for the 2012 PROVINCIALS

and a clean blackboard to begin a new lesson.

For BOXING BC, November 26 and 27th in Revelstoke will be time to start
a new lesson with the hosting of the PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Congratulations are due to the REVELSTOKE BOXING CLUB for being the host.

I remember Revelstoke best from the 1983 BC Winter Games and boxing was one of the most popular and attended sports, but that was yesterday. Today, amateur boxing has taken a beating from the BC Winter Games, the Northern BC Winter Games and the Canadian Winter Games groups.

The BC WINTER GAMES reason for dumping amateur boxing is a real classic story
considering two women boxers of Canada just won gold medals in the
Pan American Games. The BS story fed to Boxing BC was they were being
dropped for not having enought women boxers. But, there are other sports
that only have male or female athletes.

Now, the CANADIAN WINTER GAMES dumping is expected to take place
in 2015 at the Prince George "Canadian Winter Games". Now, considereing
the reasons amateur boxing has been targeted, and the fact that Prince George is one of the top locations in BC for boxing support and participation can only be classified as a nasty low blow.

So, the future and acceptance of amateur boxing in the Province of British Columbia now rests on the shoulders of those that hope to participate as boxers, coaches and officials in Revelstoke. Nothing less than the best will be good enough.