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Congrats-To Our Canadian Girls.

That's great news for Canadian Amateur Boxing-That our girls were able to win two Gold medals at the Pan-Am Games.Just goes to show you that given a even playing field our athletes can compete and be the best in the World.The fact that all women's boxing started at the same time allowed our girls to gain the necessary international experiance needed to be successful on the World stage.Our men will never be able to compete because the way the system is now by the time they get the opportunity to compete internationally they don't have the experiance to beat the best in the World.

Re: Congrats-To Our Canadian Girls.

Both girls have been in the system for a while and both have numerous international fights(complement of their personal coaches),Huge congrats to both.The men can also do the same but they need to commit not only to fighting but also fund raising so they can go to more international events,The women have paid their way and this is the results.
both have shown that hard work and a will to succeed will get you the results you desire.I want to thank both for making our sport and country proud