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THE BIG QUESTION as we slip into 2012, are we looking for a fresh new start to begin 2012?

As of now, there are three interim executive members, so the important next
step will be for the members to pick a team to move forward into 2012.

None of this stuff is rocket science, we have had many periods of positive and progressive movement in the sport. From my experience the period of
1971 to 1984 for amateur boxing on Vancouver Island went from good to great.

And, the first step following the dark days of 1969 and 1970 were the revials
in Campbell River, Nanaimo and Victoria between 1970 and 1974, then as
time slipped by new clubs emerged and were supported by other clubs and
the many officials on the Island and an open door to the Boxing BC elites in
Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Next came the study and achievement of mutual respect, administrative
excellence, adequate organization, regular all-inclusive communication
and regular activity.

There will always be naysayers and those that try to go against the flow
for better or worse, but the bottom line for ongoing success and pride,
is all involved to put their petty personal complaints in the trash heap
and to be a team player where no one is left behind, and all work for
the common good with enthusiasm, dedication and an open mind where flexibility in all things is the buzz word of the day on an ongoing basis.


it has now been a month since the interim group were given the responsibility of
running the show. So far there have been no shows except for shows by the
COMBSPORT group. The COMBSPORT are hoping and planning to widen the
territory by plans to host shows in the Kelowna region.

The big question that should be looked at is:
Should boxers and clubs that participate in COMBSPORT fights
be allowed to compete in BOXING BC sanctioned club shows and

If a novice boxer competes in Combsport bouts, how will that experience
be recognized by BOXING BC in staging novice tournaments?