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There is no real starting point to tell the Canadian Professional Boxing story.
There are many places to start such as the GEORGE DIXON or the SAM LANGFORD STORY. Or one could focus on great fights in Canada such as the famous bout
of YVON DURELLE and ARCHIE MOORE, or go with the wow factor and highlight the two bouts between MUHAMMAD ALI and GEORGE CHUVALO.

Or we could tell the story by brief bios. of famous Canadian boxers, or
excellent boxers that may not be famous because they did not carry a
hockey stick into battle.

From a random order, take ten boxers and tell a brief story. There are many potential candidates such as BLAIR RICHARDSON, WILFIE GREAVES, and ART HAFEY. And, word champions such as JIMMY MCLARNIN. And for pure action and strange endings a logic choice would be the ARTURO GATI story. To fill out the ten spots some names to consider would be Donato Paduano, Al Ford, Billy Townsend, Burke Emery, and SCOTTY (the Bulldog) OLSON. But, for some
West Coast fresh air we could consider Jamie Ollenberger and Gordie Lawson.
Those last two each had some interesting stories.

But, in reality we need to look at much more than ten boxers. We need to consider the Clyde and Stewart Gray moments or the Al Sparks story and even
the Jackie Burke story


THE AMATEUR BOXING part of the story. There are some that do not think that amateur boxing is important and should not be part of the story. But, that is like reading a book and ignoring the first chapter, or building a house without a
foundation. So, to tell the CANADIAN BOXING STORY without important references to amateur boxing is to tell an incomplete story that should fall
apart faster than that straw house built by one of the three little pigs after the
big bad wolf huffed and puffed.


How can you possibly talk about Canadian boxing history without mentioning the only Canadian-born undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Tommy Burns, the Little Giant of Hanover?