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who are the next great heavyweights coming up?

On my website I have a list of heavyweights from the 70's to today and I list some heavyweights that have a shot at becoming champions as well as prospects that are coming up. What are your thoughts about this?

Re: who are the next great heavyweights coming up?

All the future Heavyweight superstars are playing football, basketball and baseball. Be awhile before another good one pops up from the states. Maybe Europe or Eastern Europe but expect theme to have a very technical non exciting style. The lil guys run the sport now.

Re: who are the next great heavyweights coming up?

Once the Iron Curtain fell ,that gave the Communist Bloc countries freedom to compete at the pro. level.Mike I agree with your take,the American's have slid out of contention in the heavyweigth division,as you had mentioned and Kevin had wrote on his website the European's will probaly produce the next champ.Helenious and Potevtkin seem to be the front runner's right now.I give both a chance at Vlad but Vatili is a different hill to climb.Hopefully in the next little while a super champ will come down the pipe.I know Vatili is not a crowd pleaser but with his k.o. percentage and toughness, in my humble opion,he is not given the credit he deserve,s.Maybe after he is gone and somebody tries to duplicate what he has done he will get the credit he has earned.Mike Tyson's are few and far between.Sonny Liston was beast in his day,kind of like a Tyson,but fighter's like those and a young Foreman are throw back's,they are rare in the division.

Re: who are the next great heavyweights coming up?

Boxings an Imigrant sport at the moment. If you look at the majority of the champions most are from outside the U.S. Boxing is a dying sport in North America. Look at how weak the U.S amateur boxing team has been since 2004. The U.S was always one of the top teams but not anymore. Kids are more attracted to basketball, football and baseball because thats where the big contracts and money is and thats why you see a decline in boxing in the states. Dont get me wrong theres always one that pops up here and there. But its more latinos, eastern europeans and other Imigrant countrys that are dominating boxing. Boxings a poor mans sport and in those countrys any kid can walk into a gym and train. In the states they have so many sports and options to choose from. If the Klitchkos were around in the early ninetys with the Tysons, Holyfields, Bowes I dont think they would be as great as everybody is making theme out to be. There fighting cruiserweights and cant even knock theme out! There so dominant because the division is so weak. And a Lennox Lewis in his prime would have knocked Vitaly Klitchko out! Vitaly got Lennox at the end of his carrear and Lennox was not prepared for that fight. But Vitaly showed alot of heart that fight so I got to give him some credit. But to be honest I wouldnt go to a Klitchko fight if they were giving the tickets away for free!!!!

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