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cebu/aj banal

most of u dont give tyson a chance in this match but im tellin u were going there to win

Re: cebu/aj banal

If Tyson is in the best shape of his life, sticks to a game plan, and box, box , boxes - then yes he has a chance.
I think your biggest foe may be the judges and promoter, though.
I don't mean to be a killjoy or anything, but they will probably try to throw you off your game when you get there, cause you all kinds of stress,put you up in a crappy motel,etc. Such is life on the road as the underdog fighter !
And did I mention to make sure you get paid ?

Good luck Tyson.

Re: cebu/aj banal

All the best to team Cave!

Re: cebu/aj banal

As an amateur Tyson showed he could hang with the top dog's ,Caveman this just another dog, granted it's the pro game,but Tyson's style is difficult,he has a chance ,don't tire .All my best Rick.

Re: cebu/aj banal

most of u dont give tyson a chance in this match but im tellin u were going there to win

I'd give Tyson a chance on neutral ground,
but even here fighters from away don't get close decisions.... sometimes fighters from away don't even win clear cut decisions here.
The Philippines are going to be even worse than here, they can call it however they want with no accountability. You will not get a decision, you're going to have to knock him out just to get a draw....
This isn't a knock against you or Tysons abilitys, nobody goes anywhere to lose, but this is a familiar path in recent years for our local guys.... this doesn't usually end well.
I do give you a hard time for taking easy fights, but I dunno about this caveman.... if it was in the US even you'd have a chance for a decision, but its not.
IMHO your only chance is to knock him out.

The other poster above was right too, make sure you get paid.... your going to a 3rd world country.

Re: cebu/aj banal

kamala i think about that every day win lose or draw we will be there for 12 rounds and banal wil no he is a fight we are going there to win by hook or crook fuhk um if they cant win we will god previalthanks for the support robert cave here