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your killing boxing

tyler and adam what was that last night. worst card so far .where's is all the young talent,is that the best we have in canada.start promoting better cards or forget about my dollar.after last night many people i'm sure feel the same.

Re: your killing boxing

adam what happened to tyler were fighting the number5 guy in the world i guess my welfare money gets us farther than ur richs haha the caveman

Re: your killing boxing

Ya but caveman unlike Tyson, Tyler got back up and kept fighting, and won.
You puts

Re: your killing boxing

may be som day huh u will get bup and be a man instead of hiding behind a alis i did not call u any names but let it be known i hide from no man or ***** robert w cave

Re: your killing boxing

I was there in Toronto and that was one of the best cards I've ever seen and i've seen many fights all over the world. Who ever said it was a bad card obviously didnt see it. Every fight was very evenly matched and competitive. This is the type of card boxing needs to stay relevant. Nobody wants to see boxing events made up of one sided fights. If boxing is going to compete with MMA boxers have to take chances and fight other good fighters. I have to give Tyson props for going to the Phillipines to take on such an accomplished fighter in his home country. Doing that takes serious balls but the risk is definitely worth the reward. If Cave pulls off the upset he's 1 fight away from a world title fight. Win lose or draw I'd love to see him fight Tyler by the end of the year. I was very impressed with Tyler's fight friday evening. After getting dropped in the first round he went on to totally dominate a very good fighter from France. He's a skilled southpaw with very good power. Now he's shown that he has a big heart and a good chin also. I believe he is the type of boxer that has what it takes to go to the next level.

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