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James Toney to face Ken Shamrock

Two of the best fighters of there generation and respected sports are set to face each other in September. I find it sad that a great boxer like Toney will do anything for a buck and Shamrock has been past his prime for a good 7 years. Two fighters that need money so sad!

Re: James Toney to face Ken Shamrock

it isnt that James needs money,he is very well invested in real estate,he just cant get a fight in boxing,nobody wants to fight him no moatter what he says to them nobody will fight him,so i think he just misses the excitement and being for alot of fighters it has to do with mnoney but i do not believe this is the fact with James....

Re: James Toney to face Ken Shamrock

In the history of boxing there are very few men if any who could fight on the inside like Tony.He love's the fight game as mentioned ,but he should not blemish a remarkable career by trying a new game in the twilight of an hall of fame career.

Re: James Toney to face Ken Shamrock

Yes agree with you 100%,it is a shame though he cant get any fights,i do recal him coming in to kronk gym in Detroit and as soon as he walks in he will let everyone know from amateur to pro,he wants to sparr,doesnt matter who you are or what weight he just wants to get in the ring,and now the this fight is only allowed 30 seconds on the ground at a time and the ref will seperate them,so in all reality it isnt even ufc rules,the want him so bad that they are willing to make new rules up for the fight....

Re: James Toney to face Ken Shamrock

He is not well invested, he's blown all of his money. Matter of fact he just declared bankruptcy a second time. James is doing it for money !00%. Its a shame to see a boxing legend go down like that.

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