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bermane stiverne one win away from title shot!

What do you think of Stiverne's chances against Ray Austin Saturday? I feel he has been protected but I still think he has the potential to make some noise. He posesses power and some speed but has faced questionable opposition. As an amateur he has beaten David Price and robert Helenius. Supposedly the winner faces Vitaly Klitshko as his mandatory. Last canadian to get a shot Kirk Johnson who was stopped in two rounds by the very same Klitshko.Good luck Bermane!

Re: bermane stiverne one win away from title shot!

Bermane Stiverne won by a tenth round stoppage victory over Ray Austin. He is now considered the mandatory for Vitaly Klitschko. Congrats Bermane!

Re: bermane stiverne one win away from title shot!

Respect and praise should be given to Stiverne for the K.O of a seasoned veteran like Austin. It took him a while to catch the slow Austin but I dont think that he will be able to catch the taller faster Klitschko like that unless Stiverne picks up the pace more and cuts off the ring better against klitschko because of his shorter range attacks. His arms seem short and compact like Tyson so inside fighting and bull rushing klitschko maybe his only chance. I thought Stiverne looked alittle nervous before this fight and it cost him a few rounds, so he needs a few more rounds under his belt before a fight of the magnitude of a klitschko bout. But its heavyweight boxing and he will always have a punchers chance, not to mention Don King will more than likely want to cash in, instead of taking another tune up before a title fight.

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