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OBA still necessary?

Now that Ron Gallen had taken over as president of Boxing Ontario, is the OBA really necessary? The reason the OBA was created was to stop all the corruption and politics in boxing. Now that Gallen has become president it looks like most of that will stop so the OBA has served its purpose and should fold up and it should go back to one organization in Ontario. The OBA only has 1 tournament a year. The OBA should let Boxing Ontario use the Golden Gloves name and the tournament would then be huge each year. Instead of it being a prestigious tournament like it is in the states, the golden gloves right now is just a bunch of beginners that have no experience and it lacks talent. I also dont like the fact that most people win by walk-over when no one is on their weight class and they get the title of being a "Golden Gloves" Champion. Thats just not right.

Re: OBA still necessary?

Ron is the man for sure! He will do his darnedest.A little wake up though for the poster....the OBA for sure put pressure on BO to further clean up its act has become corrupt in its own way, last few years. Lots of rule breaking, making own rules to suit the occasion; why do you think so many clubs have left and gone back to Boxing Ontario? Seven in total.Of all the clubs who originally left BO for the OBA, all have returned but three.One person runs the organization, despite what their website says; their executive is a joke, all puppets.
On the other hand,as a point of correction to the original poster, OBA boxers are not ALL beginners as the poster states....there are some excellent up and coming novices, some excellent open class,but zero prospects for advancement. The smart clubs realized this and left for BO.None of the OBA coaches are really certified with NCCP unless they took their technical training while with Boxing Ontario. The NCCP only recognizes training done by sports bodies affilated with a national organization, in this case Boxing Canada.The OBA is not affiliated.Are you an OBA coach? Contact and see what they say about your records;unless you received your training while in Boxing some time, you will find you have no record of technical training.