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Places to Watch Boxing in Winnipeg

I was inspired by another thread to post one of these about Winnipeg. Unfortunately, there are only places that show the really big Pay Per Views and nothing like we had before in the Liquid Lounge which would frequently show smaller shows. Anyways, here is the list of some places that I have been and had a good experience.

-IMAX is good but it is too dark to really talk to anyone. Plus, you have to go all the way downstairs to get snacks. Best picture that you can get though. Another downside is that they only show really big Pacquiao fights.
-McPhillips Street Station is excellent. Its usually free and there is lots of seating and beverage service is close to where you sit.
-Boogies Diner has a good atmosphere. The kind of place where you usually run into fight fans watching the fights. Unfortunately, they don't show as many fights as they used to.
-Smitty's on Regent was not a good experience. Had to tell the bar manager that the fights had already started. They assumed that the boxing cards starting at the same time as the UFC cards usually do. Also, because they do all the UFC shows its more of a UFC crowd.
-Cathay House does not advertise that they show the fights but usually you can go in there and find them. Food is good and there is a lot of really cool boxing memorbilia in there.

Those are the ones that I have been to in the last year and some of the good and not so good things about them. Anyone think of any other places they have been to and what it has been like to watch the fights there?

keep boxing,

Re: Places to Watch Boxing in Winnipeg

Back in the day the Ocidental on Main St. was a good place to watch fights, the food wasn't that good unless you liked knuckle sandwiches.