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What changes would you like to see in boxing?

The website is a link of an article I did about boxing. Im curious as to what changes you all would like to see in the great sport of boxing?

Re: What changes would you like to see in boxing?

Kevin I would like to see same day weigh ins.Some guy's put on 20 plus pounds ,two and three weight divisions up.The way they do it now a fighter need's a nutitionalist to compete,Junior Jones fought Barara,at junior feather weight 122,at fight time he was a ripped 139.Fighter's drain themselves to the extreme,talent makes up alot of ground but if Pacman was to fight at 154 like a lot of people have suggested,at fight time he would be about the same ,fighting guy's who would enter the ring at 170 plus.Look at Gatti and Gamache,Gatti got in at 160,a lean 160.They fought at 140.Fighters need skills not diet docters.Little Stevie Johnson fought at 135 was a tremendous talent but to small for the guy's he was fighting,he did not drain down.Ricardo Williams another fighter,who had great skills was always fighting guys at fight time two divisions up.I think a fighter should not be allowed to go up more then an agreed apon percentag ,its a game of boxing skills not dieting and draining.If you really have faith in yourself fight at your god given weight.

Re: What changes would you like to see in boxing?

Get rid of ken!!! Enough said!

Re: What changes would you like to see in boxing?

rick ur got it wrong bro

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