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Enter stage left, Holly "Lil Bear" Lawson, a comely Canadian and former manager of aspiring rap stars in Hollyweird. Lawson, who fights for promoter Roy Engelbrecht on an April 21 card in Costa Mesa (, is a 145-pounder who has trained for six years at Coach Freddie Roach's celebrated Wild Card Gym.
Lawson even has had Pacman's original trainer, incredible "chick magnet" Buboy Fernandez, work the mitts with her there when her regular trainer is absent.
Lawson is betwixt and between, being a pal of Pacquiao's and an admirer of Mosley.
Despite her nickname, I could not get her to pick the Pacman foe who trains up in the rarefied air of Big Bear.
She trains at the Wild Card but would not pick either wild car, Morales or Mosley, to shock the world.
"Even with all the Mannymania around him now, Manny acts the same, he still jokes around," Lawson said by phone from LA Monday night. "After the Hatton fight, he asked me if I was going to hear him sing. I said, 'Do I have to? I've heard you sing.' I didn't tell him he sucks but..."
Lawson believes Morales' chances are slim while Mosley is a more viable underdog.
"Technically, Maidana is not good but he's heavyhanded as he showed in hurting (Amir) Khan a few times in their fight. I don't know that Morales can withstand Maidana's power."
She sees Mosley has having more juice left than Morales does.
"If they instill one thing at the Wild Card, it's to never undestimate any opponent. Shane Mosley is no walkover, not even for Manny. He can punch, he can box and he's got a ton of experience."
I really enjoyed chatting with Jolly Holly but she let me down.
More importantly, when I asked her who the greatest Canadian musician of all time was, she spit out the glorious name of Joni Mitchell in a millisecond.
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