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***BUTE v MAGEE***

'' Yeah it's really good for Brian and the Irish fans. I wish him the best, i really do. ''

'' Lucian has fought way to many bums at the Bell Centre for anyone to take him seriously and i think his team realise it has all reached saturation point for them. ''

'' They were going to fight Pavlik on , then he went into rehab and it all fell apart for them. I think they realised they had to start fighting credible opponents - and basically the rest of the division was onboard at . ''

'' But yeah, as a person he seems a nice guy who says the right things. But as a fighter his body of work is non-existent. Never taken a risk, never left his comfort zone and basically hasn't fought anyone. ''

'' I've fought Taylor, Pascal, Kessler, Dirrell, Abraham - whilst he fought Brinkley, Joppy and Andrade. And he was lucky against Andrade in the first fight. ''

'' Anybody can look a million peso against the dross his promoters have lined up for him. ''

'' Take Magee, i knocked him out 4 years ago and he is perhaps the best fighter Bute will have faced to date. I had a snapped thumb from Round 1 onwards too. ''

'' Well if Bute is as good as everyone keeps saying then he should take apart and stop Magee. But i forecast that Magee has the ability to give Bute a lot of aggro. '''' Magee needs to dictate his own terms, grab the fight by the scruff of the neck. He is experienced, can punch a bit and hasn't got a flashy record to protect. If he can pull the trigger and not get caught with a silly shot he has everything to play for. ''

'' Maybe Lucian Bute is concentrating more on looking good for his big occasion on Showtime, than thinking about Magee. ''

'' I'd definitely crack open a Guinness if he did the business. It would be great for Irish Boxing, definitely. ''


'' Is that a trick question? In a heartbeat. I'd fight him right after i've won the Super Six. ''

'' But the reality is that Mikkel Kessler is the deserving fighter in this h*** equation, not the likes of Bute. ''

'' Bute has been sitting pretty in his Canadian comfort zone while we all have career shortening wars in genuine fights. Bute has to get in line. ''

'' Me and Mikkel have Round 13 to continue from where we left off. After i'd punched his face in, i thought '' he's finished now '' - but he's adamant he's coming back, so big respect to him. ''