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clagget fight
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Re: clagget fight

Great fight for both guys. I can't knock the referee for stopping the fight but thought it should of been allowed to continue. Claggett's still a good little boxer but will have to work hard to bounce back. Can't help but question who he's managed by, he get's lots of hype/coverage but then they don't do they're research before they go to the Phillipines? Who is this Teofista and Eric DeGuzman anyway? Seemed legitimate with all they're promoting, keeping Claggett busy and getting good training.

ps-that guy talking in the video is the worst.

Re: clagget fight

When your on the road,sh*t happens,always has,always will.Everyone should know the rules of this game if your gonna be in it.

On the plus side,should open up more beefs between Canada`s 135 and 140 top boxers.Not many with O`s left,and would make for some great fights.

Half the guys not far from future opponent status.Those without big promo`s behind them really have nothing to lose and all to gain.