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Lightweight Tourney

Sounds like a great idea..will give some decent guys a crack a the very best in the country..unknowns/unrecognized opportunity and big names can either solidify or fall..

Re: Lightweight Tourney

As the promoter of Ibrahim Kamal (1-0), we think that a tournament such as this will raise the profile of each of the fighters involved, and be great for the fans too. It is much more exciting, in my opinion, to see two Canadians fight, than a fight with a hand picked guy brought up to lose. Sometimes, as promoters, there is no other choice because the local talent doesnt exist or is unwilling to fight. We have a rare situation right now where there is an abundance of guys around this weight and it could make for a very exciting series of fights. We just need everyone, fans and promoters, to get behind the idea.

Re: Lightweight Tourney


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