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Myorga /Cotto

It's hard not to like Cotto,the guy duck's nobody,he has his work cut out for him this week.By the look's of the shape he is in Myorga is taking this fight seriously.Cotto has the better boxing skills but as of late he has been in some tough fight,s where he took a beatin[Marge/Pacman]Putting him in with a hard punching lunatic like Myorga right now I don't think is the best move.I really hope Cotto steps up to the plate and shut's Myorga,s mouth.I,m not so sure that Cotto has the same whiskers as Oscar or Mosely,but if he can stay off the ropes and does not get drawn into Myorga,s game ,he should win. The fact that he even gets a shot is hard to take seeing he hasn,t made any impact in a while ,leave it to Arum to come up with this one.Should be interesting .I hope Cottto has the fight of his life and pounds Myorga,Myorga will alway's have a punchers chance.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

Easy win for Cotto

Re: Myorga /Cotto

I agree.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

I agree an easy win for Cotto. I think a matchup like this is bad for the sport all around. Maybe three years ago this is a good match but Mayorga is far from his prime and I feel he will get the beating of his life against cotto.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

I agree that Cotto is the better boxer by far ,but with a supect chin in against Myorga it could get interesting.I's funny how Myorga keep's getting shot,s at the title when he has done so little as of late.I would like to see Myorga vs Margarito,that would be a barn burner.Anyway if Cotto get's in trouble against Myorga,who will play the bigger bully,I think it could get difficult on him.I exspect Cotto to box and move if he gets too brave he could pay.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

Hey Rick he keeps getting title shots only on his ability to sell a fight. He is probably the best at it. He really hypes it up well. I'm gonna watch due to the great promotion by Myorga.

A funny fact I just read today. Myorga smokes 3 packs a day and during this training camp he cut down to 4 cigerettes a day. He has alot of natural talent but his wind always seems to get the best of him in the big fights. He always tires out. He claims he wants a shot at Pac. He's not even taking his career if he's smoking. I say he puts up a good fight but will lose a split decison. I dont see Cotto ko'ing him. I think Cotto has lost alot since tha two beatings he took. It will be a good close match up. I do think cotto is on another leve but I think Myorga's size will help him make it closer in this fight.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

So did anyone watch this fight? I watched it. I was entertained by this fight. I think the big difference in this fight was Cotto's jab. It has improved. He looked real sharp with that jab. They were pretty even on all other aspects of the fight. Cotto wouldn't fall into Myorga's trap of exchanging. He fought a smart fight and took it to him in the later rounds when he tired out. Overall it was an decent fight. Im suprised Myorga quit. He motioned in the 12th round that his hand was hurt. In the replay there was no sign of him hurting his hand. He did just get rocked and was gonna get ko'd. I think he wanted a way out but im suprised he didn't try to hold on and finish the round. Cotto's did have his work cut out and there were a few rounds in there where Myorga was working Cotto over. It was clearly and A level fighter vs. a B level fighter though. Cotto was way more accurate with his punches. Heart to to Myorga.

Re: Myorga /Cotto

One hell of a fight ,hard fought by both men,Ghizmo I agree with your take on the fight.I wonder what the future has in store for Myorga.I read on that he may have a three fight deal in the works.Still like to see Margarito and Myorga.If I was Cotto's people I would not entertain a rematch with Plasterito.

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