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Hershey Card

This was the best live fight card I've seen in years. The biggest problem with boxing in Canada is that promoters protect their fighters too much. Way to many mismatches. This card at the Hershey Centre on the 19th had the most competitive matches I've ever seen in this country. This made for a very entertaining night of live boxing. Logan fought a guy with three times as many KO's as he's had fights. I thought his promoter was crazy for putting him in with such an experienced opponent. I'd be very surprised if we see a better fight then Vargas-Brosch in Canada this year. What a war!!! Lupo-Witter may have been a bit ugly but that sometimes happens. Styles make fights. The four rounders were all action, they all came to win thats for sure.
I watched J Clarke fight in NB last year and at 147 he's tough for anyone in the country. I'd love to see him on the next card. Canada is full of good fighters, they just have to start fighting each other. Props to Hennessy Promotions and United Promotions for putting on the card of the year.

Re: Hershey Card

Thanks very much for the kind words , a big credit needs to go to Don MacDonald who has really keep Boxing alive in Ontario.

Cant wait for the next card !