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Pascal-Hopkins Rematch

Reports from Yvon Michel that all parties have agreed in principle.

Pascal Vs. Hopkins Main Event

Dawson Vs. Diaconu or Andrade Undercard

21 May again in the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec city

Hopkins demands that all judges/officials are neutral, seems reasonable to me.

Dawson gets winner of Pascal Hopkins assuming he wins his fight.

GYM pushing for quebec based fighter Diaconu (Interbox) and Golden boy pushing for Andrade.

Nothing signed and official but all sounds legitimate, reasonable and GREAT.

Re: Pascal-Hopkins Rematch

Giving Hopkin's a rematch tell's me that Pascal is serious about the title he wear's around his waist,how many fighter,s have giving Hopkin's a rematch.Antwan Echol,s,Robert Allen ,Jermaine Tailer and Roy Jone,s Jr.Fighting Hopkin's once is enough to frustrate any fighter in his weight class let alone twice.Having Dawson on the undercard[]is icing on the cake ,Hopefully the winner's will fight and that will be that.How long can Hopkin's fight at this level,god only know's.Look's good on both camp,s to accept the challenge.

Re: Pascal-Hopkins Rematch

i callHopkins wins by tko late rounds,and no matter who dawson fights on the undercard he will win,and then Hopkins wll retire,then Dawson and Pascal will fight for the Vacant title,those are my predictions anyway,but i will make sure i am there watching Hopkins last fight,