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Steve Claggett TKO 3 Jose Mendoza (Full fight Video)

Here is the full video of Steve Claggett's Friday, Jan. 14 victory over Jose Mendoza from Calgary, Canada:

I hope the good folks at are okay with me posting Trupish and Claggett's fights from this weekend here...

My only motivation is to share footage of a couple of good young fighters currently fighting out of Western Canada.

Anyone who wishes to share the videos via their respective youtube links can feel free.


Re: Steve Claggett TKO 3 Jose Mendoza (Full fight Video)

First time seeing Claggett fight, I like his footwork and he seems to have good defense.

Not sure about that opponent though but he definitely is another young Canadian to keep an eye on.

I'm from Red Deer and I still like Arash as my top Canadian prospect around that weight but it's nice to see the talent pool is deep.