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Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

Didn't think he would but seems that he is. Maybe Haye shouldn't have demolished Harrison so convincingly.

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

This is what I read in the Edmonton Sun yesterday:

Klitschko plans two title fights
By LARRY FINE, Reuters
January 5, 2011
NEW YORK -- World heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko of Ukraine is planning a one-two punch of title fights against Britons this year, facing Dereck Chisora in April and David Haye in July, he told Reuters on Wednesday.

Klitschko, who holds the WBO, IBF and IBO belts, said he was defending against Chisora on April 30 and expected to battle WBA champion Haye on July 2.

"It's going to be a very exciting year," Klitschko said at a Grand Central Station promotion for a new boxing TV series.

Klitschko and his older brother Vitali, who owns the WBC heavyweight crown, offered Haye his pick of the Ukrainian brothers in their aim to amass all the major boxing belts between them.

"David Haye said he doesn't want to fight Vitali because Vitali is hitting too hard. He said he wants to take the little brother," Klitschko said in the train station's stately Vanderbilt Hall standing outside a makeshift boxing ring.

"It's the truth. The fight is going to happen. We found a date, July 2," said Klitschko, adding that the formal deal was yet to be signed.

Klitschko said a site was to be decided, though it would be staged in Europe.

He was to have fought Chisora last month, but called off the fight because of a stomach muscle injury he suffered during training.

"I want to stay active because I fought in September, so I'm definitely going to fight on April 30 against Dereck Chisora, another British guy that I was supposed to fight in December."

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

ther is nobody out there inn the heavy weight division who can beat the Brothers,it just not going to happen unless they keep fighting and get to old and then new fighters will have the chance to beat them,but i doubt they will do that bcoz they are smart guys,Hayes does not have a chance,the only heavy weight who could compete was Lnnox,and look at the last fight he fought if he didnt cut Kilitchko he was going to lose,i think alot of fans do not like they dominate and they are brothers,i think that is classic how many brothers or any family members can or have dominate a sport at the same time....

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

Haye and Klitz don't like each other ,I imagine the truth as to why the negotiations fell through is going be be skewed depending on which camp you listen to .The Klits brothers are a force to reckoned with,if they were from the states they would be the saviors of boxing.I like Vlad but in my humble opion Vatili has the stronger whiskers and many boxing analyst see him as the real deal.Haye has done pretty well in boxing ,just not in the heavywieght div.

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

I like Haye, he is smaller but he can hit like hell and he goes for it, not content just to peck away like a Chris Byrd and pile up points.
I think if anybody can do it, Haye will.
I don't really agree with the opinion that Lewis was going to lose against Vitali but for the cut either. IMHO that fight was clearly swinging Lennox's way. Gotta remember too that Lennox was at the end of his career at that point, and IMHO his opposition was far higher than what the Klitchkos have faced.

Hard to say whos ducking who, I think the Klitchkos had trouble agreeing to terms to fight Valuev too.....

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

Perhaps Haye should try Samuel Peter. Really, John Ruiz and Audley Harrison are hardly the cream of the crop.

I wouldn't mind Toney-Haye if Toney still has it in him. It'd be nice to see him redeem himself after his UFC fiasco.

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

Just announced Wlad to fight Adamek in Poland in the late summer or fall

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

Haye has to grow some B@lls! He has some real talent BUT he hasn't got an ounce of intestinal fortitude, Stay fighting the Valuvs and the Audlys <

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

I really don't know what you guys are talking about Re Haye being a pssy.
He demolished everybody at Cruiserweight ( Mormeck, McEnerelli,Fragemeni.
Then he stepped up against a guy the Klitchko's wouldn't fight ( Valuev ) and **** near knocked him on his 300 lbs ass.

For that matter, who has either Klitchko beaten lately? Shannon Briggs? Arreloa? Sosnowski? Eddie Chambers?
Now wlads going to fight a guy who nobodys heard of, that has had 15 fights? Whos next, Holyfield?

Re: Is Klitchko ducking Haye?

I have to agree with Kamala. Its the heavyweight fight everyone wants to see. However I'll wait t'il the end of the year to see if Klitchko fights him before I pass judgement.