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Re: Tony Luis sucks!!!!

Last I heard Logan has a manager in Adam Harris. I don't see the need of his people by being so unprofessional trying to put a fight together on a boxing blog. I suggest Johnson stick to training fighters and let Logan's manager manage. I have never seen a fight made on a boxing forum. If this is the case Logan's career is in jeapardy, and his people should be seen as being very unprofessional.

Re: Tony Luis sucks!!!!

It's boxing forum
Everyone talks about fights that might be made - pretty sure that's why they have the forum up n running.
And the funny thing is just because someone types in that they are a certain person sure as **** doesn't mean they are who they say they are.
Trying to bash Logan and his management team in order to get a professional reaction from them is ridicules.
People been talking bout these 2 kids for quite a while
I'm sure they both respect eachother.
I'm sure they both feel they will win if it ever materialize's
Who do u think the winner will be
I have my opinion.