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Welcome to the 538th Message Forum. This Forum is for all veterans and former members of the 538th Engineer Battalion to come together. This is for everyones use so please keep it CLEAN.

538th Engineer Battalion Message Board
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Pictures Of 1968 Highway Monument in Korat, Thailand Needed

Hello 538th,
This is Chappie Chapman, Adjutant of Karl W. Richter Memorial Post 10217, Korat, Thailand. I am in need of your help finding pictures, and anything else that your group may have and want to share with our post, to enhance telling a story of the monument honoring your efforts in the construction of Highway 304 Korat to Sattahip, Thailand, during the Vietnam War. Email, of course is the fastest way to send this information. After everything is done and all the parties concerned with the monument have been contacted, we'll see to keeping everyone informed of what has, is, and may take place concerning that monument. So far it is a great story and more keeps happening to make it even greater. It has made many of us very proud to be involved with the process that started in February of this year. So if you can help that would be great and if not then please make sure we have the right Point(s) of Contact to pass on to your organization.

Chappie Chapman, Adjutant
Karl W. Richter Memorial Post 10217
Veterans of Foriegn Wars of the United States
Korat, Thailand