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538th Engineer Battalion Message Board

Welcome to the 538th Message Forum. This Forum is for all veterans and former members of the 538th Engineer Battalion to come together. This is for everyones use so please keep it CLEAN.

538th Engineer Battalion Message Board
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Anyone remember my Dad?

Hello,my father served in the 538th Engineering Battalion and I just wanted to see if any one remembered him or had any stories. His name was Frank X. Reller III and had just graduated from USMA in 1965 and then was deployed to this assignment. He passed away in 2006 and didn't talk much about Vietnam/Thailand. There's so many questions I wish I would have asked my Dad before he passed, but he left us suddendly.
If anyone remembers him, drop me a line. Many thanks, his daughter Kate

Re: Anyone remember my Dad?

I remember him very well he was one of our first replacement officers a west pointer

Re: Anyone remember my Dad?

He was a great guy