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Salcha Waste Site Information

This is the response I got from Bob Jordan, Solid Waste Manager for the FNSB when I queried about site plans for this expansion at the transfer site between Canaday and the Salcha Elementary School:

The Salcha Major Maintenance and Improvement project is currently under design and therefore not available at this time. The completed design project will be advertised next winter/spring for bidding by interested contractors or for just general viewing. Briefly, the Salcha Transfer site project will result in a larger site, a rap surface including the entrance road to eliminate dust and mud, efficient lighting, a perimeter road for access for repairs and the prevention of encroaching brush/trees in the fence line, and a grade separated roll off area with large brush or large object containers. The grade separated design allows for easier unloading of your vehicle of large objects down and into the larger containers. Both the upgraded North Pole or Badger Road transfer sites have similar areas, if you are not familiar.

The need to consolidate 16 to 12 transfer sites is needed not only since both North Pole and Badger Road major maintenance and improvement projects are already complete and provide greater capacity (Salcha is scheduled for the summer of 2020), but due to an ongoing shortage in staffing to provide service to all the transfer sites. A new solid waste hauling contract is also out for bid and more lower costs will provide long term savings over a ten year contract period. Below is a link to a presentation given to the borough assembly that contains this and other additional information.


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