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Richardson Highway Passing Lanes

During the Salcha-Badger meeting, it was discussed again about the traffic issues on the Richardson. I was aware there was a record of survey done recently, and promised I'd post what info I could find presently here, since a lot of folks don't have FB.

A record of survey was done in 2017 by Michael Jokela for the AKDOT. It is plat 2017-96, recorded as 2017-021414-0. Some of you who live adjacent to the Rich might see this plat attached to your parcel account on the FNSB property database, so give a look.

The survey involves the highway between the Eielson interchange on down to Delta.

In the past, this community has also worked on the JPARC with the military, and one of the concerns that has been voiced, and is still, is the danger that is present when large convoys are traveling between Fairbanks and Ft Greely. More turnouts or passing lanes has always been a proposed solution.

This likely would not have anything to do with present planning for the F-35 bed-down, but certainly deserves commentary to be sent to AKDOT on a continuing basis for other concerns, such as turn bays for the Salcha Store, Salcha Elementary School, and Johnson Road.

From DOT's website, the STIPs (Statewide Transportation Improvement Projects), currently only list one project for the Richardson to Delta, MP 266-305, DJN to Birch Lake. Need ID 30284. Presently, there aren't any earmarked funds for FY2019, 2020:

"Construct passing lanes at various locations (yet to be determined) on the Richardson Highway to improve safety. Construction will happen in three stages, under NID 30284, NID 30449 and the original NID 29811."

POC to query for the status of this project as well as for the record of survey is Margaret Carpenter, AKDOT, North Region Planning. 451-2252.