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Thieves once again

:rage: :rage: :rage: Posted on the behalf of Darrel VandeWeg:

Well the crack/meth heads have attacked yet again on my property in Salcha, Alaska. This time they have stolen a battery charger that was attached to my truck charging the batteries, about 10 cases of MREs, a couple of boxes of My Patriot Supply and Mountain House dehydrated food, a camping box with a propane Coleman stove and some other cooking supplies, several Action Packers full of miscellaneous household goods and tools. Last fall they took a new Knaack Box 48 inch tool box off my front porch and the game camera that was watching the front yard. The Knaack Box had the name VandeWeg written on the top and initials DAV 5100, scratched underneath. If anybody has any information on any of the stuff please contact me 907-322-9884, or the state troopers. Thank you, Darrel