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Re: Jacobs well, Salcha Fair grounds

So, in talking to Land management and Assessing folks, they directed me to the foreclosure office. If we pay the taxes by the 30th, we're good till the lease is up, from what I gathered, 2021... Thay's a temporary stay. If it's not paid the property will be sold. Realize that since around 2007, more than $150,000.00 dollars in State Grants have been paid to the Salcha Fair Association for playground construction, buildings and maintenance. Hopefully, the borough will send a representative out that will be able to answer some questions. Still just seems like a money grab by the borough. There are some exemptions available that were never applied for by the SFA, and taxes are are due again in July. No one knows how much the well brings in, how much operating cost are, and with the amount of cash the state has paid out, an accounting of where it went.

Re: Jacobs well, Salcha Fair grounds

I went both places also, but wasn't directed there, so thanks for the update in that regard.

I also agree on the grab the FNSB is doing. Someone I met who work in realty in NC is looking for a place up here; husband is already working here, and she found out that the FNSB will be out this summer to review their floodplain maps and do a little 'doctoring' to make lands more appetizing to the F35 crowd. Ain't that special?

I also looked up Judy Haymaker, who is the grant manager that has not maintained ANY oversight on the SFA grant(s). She needs a phone call from Juneau. Works in the State Commerce office here in FAI.

Re: Jacobs well, Salcha Fair grounds

I dealt with Judy during the time SNO got a grant, Had a grant for facility improvement, and no facility!
I say lets move forward with a positive attitude and let karma take it's course. Good healthy positive energy will go a long way in making our part of the woods a place that just makes you feel better by being HOME!

Re: Jacobs well, Salcha Fair grounds

And folks wonder why the State is 'broke'. >>Sigh<< Karma indeed.