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Can you tell me about Salcha and the area?

Hello folks,

Was searching for churches in the Salcha area when I ran across this message board - glad I did so! My dear wife and I have been looking for land to farmstead for some time now, and when we ran across the 100 acre ag land auction, it certainly grabbed our attention. Anyhow, all of my remote research aside, I thought I'd just say hi, ask if there are any reformed churches in the area, ask if there are many kids in the area (we have six ourselves, that's why I ask), and ask if anyone knows of any reason that land is problematic, aside from the fact that at least 10 acres of it need to be cleared including roots, stumps, and rocks, which is a decent amount of work! :) Obviously one needs to check in person, but there's no harm in asking ahead prior to doing so.

Many thanks and God bless!

Re: Can you tell me about Salcha and the area?

Cheaper to farm in the Lower 48. This is USDA zone 1.
If your heavy junk breaks down, you need a few C notes to haul it to town; >40 miles. Then there's the shop bill. That trip to town includes load/road time both directions. You will need to find a place to stay. $$$$$$$$$

K-6 school; rest go to Eielson or North Pole.

Alaska is NOT the junk you see on the TV. Period.

What the heck is a reformed church? Guess the answer to that would be no with regard to this zip code.

Re: Can you tell me about Salcha and the area?

There are several churches in the Salcha/Moose Creek area and, if you go a little farther to North Pole, you will find a complete selection of churches: Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican, and others.