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Johnson Road Land Grab

Referencing the meeting out in Salcha on April 23rd 2014, when only a handful of property owners on Johnson Road were notified that the Borough want to put in a 'heavy industrial use' area on Johnson Rd, adjacent to the military MOA. This area of interest encompasses 25 SQUARE MILES.

On squeezing the FNSB Assembly that next night in town, not only did Hopkins wheetle $250K out of the budget, Hopkins also pulled a BS move, which completely waivered Ordinance Title 16, Property Acquisition and Disposal. This includes waivering appeals, remedies, contract clauses, and ethics in public contracting. This is how he's going to bend us over on the Johnson Road properties in Salcha. He and the Planning Commission don't have to be accountable for jack****.

Title 16,

Ordinance 2013-20-2K

This isn't how business should be conducted at the Borough. Please let the Assembly know what they're doing is shameful, as this will set a p*** poor precidence for anything the FNSB does in the future.

Re: Johnson Road Land Grab

Hey there Herbamenia... looks like there are about 8 people who have checked this site since your post... Got back from a trip, lost another close friend... got a new ID Card with no expiration date on it, so I guess I'll be around for a while... Just wondering how much effort it's worth to get some community cohesion? Thinking maybe just do what most do out here and chuck it on down the road... "Deep in the heart of darkest America, home of the brave, he says "listen to my heartbeat" Not a lot of room between "0" and "1" for everyone else" by Laurie Anderson - Love ya like a sister...

Re: Johnson Road Land Grab

Was good to see you yesterday; hopefully we can get together again when I'm not so kaput- t'was a long day!