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STOLEN- Toyo Laser 73 stove

This is off the fairbanks_garagesale bbs, so heads up! Do not reply; please contact AST.

Folks, Please be alert if you come across an very recent ad or offer of a Toyo Laser 73 stove, particularly if low priced or strange. I manage a cabin for a friend who lives out-of-state Sometime on Thursday 1/31, someone broke in and stole the Toyo Laser 73 stove. We believe that it had a Cal’s Heating sticker on the right hand side. The thief took the stove and flue, but left the drip pan, and the protective piece that the flue goes into to go thru’ the wall (
While there are totally legitimate sellers of Toyo 73’s whose Craig’s list ads pre-date this theft, just be aware of the possibility of theft if all the parts are not there.
If you become aware of something that you think fits this description please notify Trooper Stuart at the Alaska State Troopers, 451-5100.