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Salcha senior meeting

We are having a monthly member and non member meeting on Sept 12th at 7pm. I know there has been talk from people in our community saying they are not attending because of the board. I am real sorry to hear that but we are willing to try anything to get people to attend, even quit the board when out term is up. We have tried in the past but nobody volunteers to take our place. You have to be a member for 6 months to be nominated for the board so join the seniors for $5 and nominate yourself. There is so many things we could do but nobody ever says anything ot attend the meetings. We would love to have you join us and you don't have to be a senior. You have to be 18 and older. You just can't vote til you are 50. That doesn't matter, we listen to your ideas. We need the building to be used more from our community. It is nice to visit friends once a months and share ideas and information. Also, we could have speakers at our meeting and bingo once a month. We would love to have a garage sale next May but need things donated so it you have anything to get rid of you can drop it off on our porch at the senior building. Our only income is fundraisers and grants to fix up our building and pay our bills. Always looking for volunteers. We need a fire escape built and a new lawn so if you know of anyone interested in the job have them come to our meeting with a bid. We will show you what is needed to be done. Have a room upstairs to rent out for an office, scrap booking room, etc. so please come and talk to us. Rhonda 488-5802