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Private easement proposal for ARRC Tanana Bridge PUBLIC COMMENT

The DNR's link is broken; this was in the SnoozeMinus Sunday paper 2/06/2011, page B5; here it is in part;
DMLW = Division of Mining,Land,and Water:

The DNR/DMLW proposes to issue a letter of authorization for the upgrade and extension of Tom Bear Trail along the existing section line easement and to issue a permit for construction and survey of the following project components:
Piledriver Slough Bridge at Tom Bear Trail; extension of TB Trail within the shorelands of the island between the Tanana and Boundary slough..etc.

Following the construction and survey separate private exclusive easements would be issued for the levee and the Tanana River Bridge with ancillary structures. A private non-exclusive easement would be issued for the Piledriver Slough bridge within the section line easement.

Public written comment is through MONDAY MARCH 5, 2011, 5 PM.

Copies of the decision can also be obtained at the DNR office listed below if the website link is still dead. I've emailed them about it already.

Dianna Leinberger or AJ Wait
DNR, DMLW, Northern Regions Lands Section
3700 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709-4699
ph. 451-3014 or 451-2777
fax 451-2751
Email: or

If it'll ever work, comment online at:

map off the Northern Rail Extension website:

Re: Private easement proposal for ARRC Tanana Bridge PUBLIC COMMENT

DNR's website came back up; the proposal document can be viewed below. DIALUP BEWARE- 56 page 5 meg document.