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Military wants more MOA's

There was a rather short-notice series of meetings for the EIS proposal for the expansion of military operating areas (MOAs)within the Interior; namely through the Black Rapids and Denali Highway corridors, in addition to less intrusive expansions of MOAs in the Tanana Valley.

I for one am not happy about losing yet another place I can afford downtime, fish/hunt/recreate. Plus, with the effort to cut back Federal spending, and all the real estate currently used as MOA's, that DOD should WORK WITH WHAT THEY HAVE, like the rest of us. FWIW, I'm a retired vet.

This project is ongoing; we will likely hear more throughout 2011.

To read the proposal, comment, or to request a CD or hard copy of the proposal, or get on the mailing list, go to:

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Re: Military wants more MOA's

The public comment period has been extended to Feb 18th for this proposal.