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Easements and you

Just wanted to put it out here; in researching for an easement with the flood buyout, the Feds will NOT buy you out if there isn't a specified easement to your property. I had to jump through some hoops to find them for another party, but it wasn't easy nor purty. What was also important is that these are easements that affect the neighborhood for any form of future land sales, Feds or otherwise.

That said, if you are in an area where the subdivision regulations have been waivered by the FNSB in the past, look over your records, as the title insurance companies do NOT always do a very good job.

For those who are involved in the AKRR ROW buyout, if your property is being bisected by the ROW, make DANG SURE those guys write in a dedicated easement to your property between the ROW and the Tanana River, if you haven't sold it to the AKRR.

I hope this helps a few folks.