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Questions about the website .

I was informed that there was "anti government propaganda" on my website. Obviously, whoever made that statement didn't study the material.
propaganda is false statements. The reference material on my links are unanswered questions. The references to the "new world order" is about the take over of our country and the destruction of our Constitution, this is not promoting a take over, but the knowledge of events that are happening, BY DESIGN.
I spent twenty years defending what I believed to be a Constitutionally sound Government, I was lied to.
I am a Ron Paul supporter because he wants a government that isn't "Empire building" one that is not motivated by the military defense industrial complex. We need to pull back in and just be a country, not the world police keeper.
Please feel free to discuss this.
When you give up freedom for safety, you are not free, or safe.
Cross the boarder into North Korea, you get thrown into prison and do hard labor.
Cross the boarder into Iran, you get shot.
Cross the boarder into the USA, you get a drivers license, a education and health care, unless you are a citizen, then you have to pay for papers prove you belong here. How good is that?

Re: Questions about the website .

Thank you Morrie for at the very least, the time you put into this website. I was also disappointed that Ron Paul didn't stick with the election. What a circus that was.

Just to remind some of you folks- the government that's big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take it away, so be careful what you wish for.

Don't like it? Then RUN FOR OFFICE. If not, then at least pay attention.

Plugged nickels from this vet.

Re: Questions about the website .

The reason Ron Paul was dropped from the election was the media, they do not want some one with moral values in the white house. What did come from this is the grass roots revolution, you will see it as R3volution. Many are looking to a third party, Constitutionalists. I will gladly provide anyone links and source materials to inform the public of what Government is suppose to be.