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Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

Hi i am new to caravanning and own an early eighties Sprite Muskateer ( glass windows ) which i tow with a 1999 Mitsubishi Spacewagon. I was wondering what the tyre pressures should be, as at the moment they are at about 35psi which i think is a bit high as the 'van bounces about quite a bit when being towed. It is on the standard wheels ( painted a rather fetching shade of brown ).
Thankyou in advance.


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Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

I my family are new to caravaning to , just used ours for the 3rd time and it's great .
We have a Sprite Muskateer XL 1990 5 berth , we have had 'Avon Radial Van 175/13 tyres fitted to it , when the tyres were fitted i asked the dealer what the pressures should be and he checked a Avon tyre chart , he showed me that the pressure should be 36psi when towing 900kg to 1150kg weight .
hope this helps . Note pressure is only for the Avon Van tyres we had fitted , not normal car tyres don't know about them .

Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

I have a 1981 musketeer and am also trying to find the tyre pressures. My tyre size is 155R13 and the GLW is 850kg. It is sandwhich construction and plastic windows. If your Musketeer has glass windows, I would suggest it's late 70s rather than early 80s. The year is on the towbar as part of the chassis number, F81/1151 in my case, indicating a 1981 model.

I used to own these sort of vans when new in the late 70s and early 80s and seem to recall a tyre pressure of 36 psi, but cannot get any confirmation.

Glass windowed models were heavier, with possibly larger tyres.

Can anyone confirm the 36 psi, with normal car radials?



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Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

i have a 82 super musketeer and in the manual all the sprites sv etc are listed at 33psi though that is with plastic windowws etc but grosss weight is 850kg

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Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

Hi Jill.

I own a '79 CI Sprite Musketeer (4 berth with glass windows), which I tow with a 'Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport AWD'. Like "Wizzard", I've also fitted van tyres, which I also run at 36psi.

The reason for this, is that car tyres have only 4 radial steel bands in their make up, whilst van tyres have 6 or 8, making them much stronger, safer, and more stable.

You also mention that your caravan "bounces" whilst on the move. Do you run with a stabiliser fitted? I would very seriously advise that you do so, if you already don't.

Was towing my caravan last weekend from Fife to Northumberland and back. Stayed smooth & level throughout, despite having to make a near emergeny stop when we met an un-escorted wide load comming the other way, naturally on the narrowest & bendiest part of the journey!!!


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Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

used to have a muskateer but now run around with a europa on the back, anyway could n't find the maual when we traded it in, but found it now!
it's for the 1989 CI range:
alpine 2, and C 155SR x 13 35 psi
musketeer C, and CD, and S/EK 175SR x 13 36 psi
major 175SR x 13 36 psi

flair, charade, caprice, panache, vitesse
175SR x 13 36 psi
vitesse quatttro & elan quattro,
155SR x 13 35 psi

topaz, amethyst 175SR x13 36 psi
coral, jewel, sapphire 175R x 13C 6PR 54 psi

opal, jade 175SR x 13 36 psi
oynx 175R x 13C 6PR 54 psi
emerald 4 155SR x 13 35 psi
emerald 5 155S x 13 35 psi

2000/2 & 2000/5 175SR x 13 36 psi

hope this helps!


Re: Re: Sprite Muskateer Tyre Pressures

wow thnks after a long search someone on uk caravan website told me about this one. still trying to find a manual or spec for the esprit panache. but this is a start.


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