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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: WalMart has lady arrested for trying to cash tribal check

    Donna D
    Well yeah, most Indians don't live on the rez or in the tribal jurisdiction anymore. That's a fact of life. However, I think they might could have called the tribe before they called the police.

    "It is the responsibility of Walmart, she states, to train employees in how to recognize valid checks."

    Wal-Mart employees aren't paid - for the most part - much above minimum wage and certainly not enough to be responsible for ensuring any and every check is authentic enough ... added in the factor of it being a federal check from an out-of-state entity.

    How many federally recognized Nations/Tribes/Bands are there and how are Wal-Mart employees supposed to keep up with each and every single one of those Nations/Tribes/Bands and what each check is supposed to look like to know it's authentic, especially when it's from out-of-state AND from an Indian Nation?!

    Hell, i wouldn't know what a check from the EBCI would look like and it's not that far away from here. Most wouldn't even think of calling a tribe for information unless the person trying to cash the check asked them to and/or the tribal phone number was listed on the check for verification. Factor in Wal-Mart has procedures and rules of their own ....

    Considering the amount of fraud and theft that occurs at any given Wal-Mart every day, i'm sure no employee that would be in charge of making sure every check from an out-of-state tribal gov't is authentic - especially since i can't imagine they see such checks on a daily level - could or would ever not make a mistake such as what happened in Texas.

    By the logic of everyone should know and recognize any out-of-state tribally issued federal check, then the Harris police dept should've also tried calling the tribe to verify the authenticity of the check before escorting the woman from Wal-Mart AND ... before booking her (accusing her of fraud), they should've then called the tribe from the police station so she would'nt have been subjected to being searched and having her meds taken/kept from her.


    Re: WalMart has lady arrested for trying to cash tribal check

    Yes, if either a Wal-Mart employee had called the tribe instead of the cops first -- or if the cops had called the tribe, the whole thing could have been averted.

    However, there are tribes that (did) issue checks in the name of a person and a store like Wal-Mart for the purchase of school clothes for students. I had one refused even though my name and WalMart were printed on the check, they called it a "third-party" check which is completely wrong, but they would not listen. Now, most tribes issue loaded credit cards for those kinds of expenditures. I had to send the check back to the tribe and ask for another solution. Of course, that's why most tribes don't use checks anymore.

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