Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Cobell no victory

    Cobell is no victory
    Story Published: Dec 10, 2010

    (Story Updated: Dec 10, 2010 )

    How can you morally bolster the Cobell settlement as any sort of victory in Native-United States relations? Do you feel no responsibility to this publication’s Native and non-Native readers?

    Cobell, after 14 years of perseverance, is exhausted and due to her $15 million benefit from this case is severely biased when claiming that this will remove any sort of stain on the “national honor.” This settlement is a clear and utter abomination upon the definition and ideal of the American justice system.

    You inserted quotation after quotation by senators and government officials that claim this is a fair settlement. How is any of it fair? How is it fair that the government does not have to be held accountable and admit the full amount of money that they have stolen from the individuals based upon the fact that they simply don’t want to? How is it fair that this same government acts as the defendant in the case and at the same time has the right to remove a judge when they don’t like his moral and ethical determinations? What other person accused of a crime would ever be allowed to do this?

    This entire case boils down to the cliché of history repeating itself, the government yet again committing degradations and making up the rules to fit their agenda and Native peoples being left with no other choice than accepting whatever the offer no matter how minuscule. How is seven cents on the dollar a fair offer? Whose life will that change? In exchange for over 100 years of clear and distinct robbery the government is willing to offer an amount of money that won’t even last a month. [NCAI President] Jefferson Keel is wrong to state that this will somehow “settle historic injustices” or that this is an example of the government “meeting its obligations.” This is NOT bringing a close to an unfortunate chapter in American history, this is NOT a “fair deal,” this is NOT a “significant historic achievement,” this is NOT “honorable” or “responsible,” this is NOT “a major step forward,” this is NOT “victory for justice!”

    – Jen Bloom
    Native American Studies Major
    Bemidji State University
    Bemidji, Minn.

    I agree with her opinion. It is not right that IIM holders are being "given" pennies on the dollar and it's being called a victory. I suppose it is a victory for the government--they don't have to account for the money and get off paying a small fraction of what they stole. The only victory for native people is that they will at least get a very small portion of what they are owed--instead of a lot of nothing. Does anyone know if the IIM accounts are being dissolved? Will corporations have to deal with individuals instead of the government?

    Re: Cobell no victory

    IIM accounts will remain open until the owners are convinced to sell out their fractionated holdings to the tribes. Sadly, many will be cajoled into releasing the government from their centuries old obligations. Not me. As long as I breathe, as long as I have the ability to fight, the lands my grandmothers were forced to accept will remain in my family forcing the fed gov't to deal with the situation THEIR ancestors created.

    Re: Cobell no victory

    alot of talk and no justice for the WRONG done to the Indian peeps. But with the whiteman any small token of the 'We are righting the wrong done by US to the Indian' or bullcrap.

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