Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Where Does It End?

    It Has recently came to my attention that we have yet another new Indian Tribe in east Tennessee.
    This new group, from Johnson County, claim to also be Cherokee.
    They meet once a month in Bristol for food, strange new ceremonies and a marriage to the "chief".
    This chief claims that it is his duty and honor, under (his) Cherokee tradition to have as many wives as he can.
    The sickening part of the process is that the new wife is obligated to consumate the marriage with the chief and all his wives, together..
    Do we get a picture of the danger this poses to real native culture? Sickening, isn't it?

    More, about 20 years ago, we stood against "The Pisgah Nation". Likely you never heard of this one either. They claimed too, to be Cherokee, had a self appointed chief and a practicing "shaman".
    Their fake ceremonies included a corruption of the black drink which included the ingredients, gypsum weed and morning glory seeds which are highly toxic and potentially psychodelic drugs. It is a wonder that someone was not killed.
    The "chief" was famous for his naming ceremonies in which ladies and young girls must sit naked with him before the fire. Supposedly, he must wait for a vision which most often included intimate relations with the victim.
    One could go nowhere in our little town without running into caucasian looking "indians" complete with a huge medicine bag, a red rag around their heads and talking just like old TV show Indians. It was quite disturbing to say the least.
    It took time and effort but we helped this "tribe" extinguish it's self by exposing the lies and they are now extinct.

    These two examples show how damaging these fake tribes are on true culture. It only takes one man to catch the "dances with wolves syndrome", they form a tribe and are soon a chief, signing up willing members, native or not, fabricating history, ceremony and tradition. This also comes complete with a made up ancestry linking the member to a Cherokee princess grandmother.
    Willing members are everywhere. Nine out of ten people in upper east Tennessee will tell you that they have a Native grandparent. They can even pull out a grainy, dark old picture of a mal-nourished old caucasian ancestor whose bony and sad face to them, proves the native bloodline. Maybe someone should tell them that there were not a lot of fat-happy people back 100 years or so and being sad and bony does not make one a Native??
    These folks most often claim to be Cherokee and for some strange reason, Blackfoot.
    Whether this is based on ignorance or the romantic idea of the downtrodden savage, no one can say.
    Regardless, cashing in on "being Indian" is quite appealing in this rural region where only 4 out of 10 people actually work for a living.

    Which leads us to here and now.
    We were not present on Bordwine Road in Bristol,Va., January 21, 2006 when a brand new tribe was created.
    The question stands, where does it end?

    Re: Where Does It End?

    when cultural identity theft is considered no less criminal than any other kind of identity theft and it is prosecuted like any other identity theft. That's when it will end.

    Re: Where Does It End?

    "...sad and bony"? LOL I've been asked to look at some people's photos and give an opinion on whether their ancestor "looked" Indian or not--so far, it's Indians 0, Europeans 10 or 15.

    Those dirty old men making their own "sex tribes" need to be shot. I can't imagine semi-intelligent people thinking that is in any way native.

    Re: Where Does It End?

    Fortunately, the Pisgah chief stopped his naming ceremonies when a big girl whose "door was hinged on the other side" about beat him to death.
    As for this current "tribe, you are absolutely right, a "sex tribe" is about all you can call it and it is unbelievable that there are so many stupid, gullable people that will follow this crap.

    Re: Where Does It End?

    Could you tell the name of this fraud? Have heard of another "tribe" in Knoxville area and the "principal Chief" is a Mark Brown and the assistant chief is a Chief bobby storm aka bruce hartford.
    Post any info on this turkey you might have...

    Re: Where Does It End?

    Manataka™ EVENTS
    Contact Bobby Storm. Save The Original Redman, a non-profit tax origination-phone ... Bruce Deerfording Stream Hartford. Standing Stone State Park ...

    MySpace profile for CHIEF STORM PRESENTS: INDIAN CITY USA THEMEPARK with pictures, ... Cookeville, Tennessee United States. Mood: happy Mood Image ... ARTIST:CHRIS VANLING; PROOF READER-GRACIE;and Alax Hartford Proof reader; ..... GOD BLESS YOU BOBBY MY DEAR FRIEND WITH LOVE AND PRAYERS YOUR FRIEND HUGS MAWHA ANGEL ...

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