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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: Cherokee lobbyist sues over recognition of groups in Tennessee

    THURSDAY, JULY 1, 2010

    A lobbyist for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma filed suit against the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs for recognizing six groups as tribes.

    Mark Greene says the commission violated the state's open meetings law by failing to inform the public about its intentions to hold a meeting during which the groups were recognized. The lawsuit also says the commission failed to deliberate in public about its vote to recognize the groups.

    Three of the groups that the commission recognized claim some sort of Cherokee ancestry. The Cherokee Nation says the groups are not legitimate.

    The tribe hired Bob Tuke, a former state chairman of the Democratic Party and a former U.S. Senate nominee, to pursue the lawsuit.

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    apparently Knoxnews won't allow me to post. This is the second time i've tried to post but my comments "have to be approved" before they allow my comments to post. This is what i said:


    If the CNO is not the historical nation because Echohawk said so, then neither is the Constitution, using Echohawk's reasoning (no original signers living), a valid document, nulling any need for citizenship in the US.

    CNO, like the US, has its own authority to enroll or not via their own criteria. No "blood quantum" needed; just valid documentation to show a relationship. The US government never made the Nations valid; the Nations were already valid in their own right! CNO, as all American Indian Nations in the US, are ACKNOWLEDGED as separate and valid governments and Nations via numerous Treaties, Court cases, and Congressional acts.

    They're involved with what's going on here in Tennessee, as are the Muscogee and EBCI, due to the many INvalid claims of relationship by those of DESCENT in TN. Any donations made are miniscule and insignificant for such a large and meaningful act as 'recognition' - especially when "recognition" has been handed out WITHOUT a donation made to the "Indian" Commission! These 'complaints' from members of the Kulture Klubs in Tennessee are red herrings; directed to the naive and uninformed AND meant to try to distract, deflect, and discredit what's being done to correct the illegal action taken by Tennessee's Commission of non-Indian Affairs.

    Descent is okay; it's good. Get involved with those you claim decent from; learn the language, history, culture, etc. Be proud - but an "Indian" it will not make and neither will forming historically UNdocumented 'tribes' become legit through fantasy and whimsy. This is NOT about CNO and the many complaints by those who cannot meet CNO's enrollment criteria. This is about the formation of historically UNDOCUMENTED groups wanting to become something they can never be: legitimate Indian tribes/Nations.

    LOL "Manataka" is a 'real' as the groups here and NOT a credible source of ANY information.

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