Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    I see it all the time. However, having been to powwows throughout the southeast, I would say the "problem" in Tennessee is small compared to the other southeastern states. Florida and Alabama immediately come to mind when I compare the groups you speak of in this post. Perhaps the reason Tennessee is getting such negative press at this time (over the others) is the groups currently pushing recognition. These groups are doing Tennessee natives no service at all. And there are many in Tennessee who have been "Indian" all their lives--culture clubs excluded.

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    would that be like the VEST group pf yuchi's krackers from the state of heap big injuns wantem money since their lives as tralier trash did not work out

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    You think I should call names? They know who they are.

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    yep, that would be them, among others.

    so pitifully sad ....

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    I haven't spent much time observing the wannabees in Florida, although I do hear a lot about some really wacky powwows down there. However, I have observed a good bit in Alabama, Georgia & Tennessee (& a little in Kentucky).

    I would have to say Tennessee takes the lead in the cracker NDN category by a long shot!

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Hmmmm.... I dunno, Florida is hard to beat. That's where I was told I should put down my "Indian name" for the color guard--btw, they had more flags than they had dancers! lol! It was crazy. Plus, there was the "lady in red" in Florida, a tall, skinny yonega woman all done completely in solid red (no patterns at all)--even had a dyed red turkey feather in her hair--which was platinum blond if I remember correctly. Golly--I still remember her from like 20 years ago! She made quite an impression.

    I do remember we were laughing at a family group in Tennessee, we called them the "Triangle Tribe." I think it was around Nashville somewhere, anyway, mom, dad, son and daughter were all done up in dark brown suede Tonto and Pocahontas outfits with triangles cut out of colored material stuck all over in what appeared to be a totally random placement. Tennessee does have some bright spots, but I think Florida is still the winner.

    And--don't you love it when you see people wearing that "ribbon shirt" from the McCall's (?) pattern complete with the funky sunburst ribbon pattern on it? At least, they should have enough imagination and observational skills to realize that's NOT a traditional pattern!

    Yes, they are all around, and are apparently oblivious that people think they are strange.

    Dale, are you planning on going to that powwow in Chattanooga this weekend--if so, care to give us a report?

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Fortunately, I have to work this weekend.

    Wouldn't want to rub elbows with those NAS-Ty people, anyway.

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Aahhh, too bad. Friends were trying to get me to go, but it's not in the budget this week. There will be at least 3 real Indians there--for today (Saturday) at least.

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Oh, I was reminded this weekend. There is a woman I have seen in Georgia at the Stone Mountain powwow (which is a good powwow) whose entire "regalia" is made from bath towels. No joke -- okay, there have probably been many. I would not have believed it had I not seen it.

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Ha! Sounds like she's prepared to "go to water" at any time, huh?

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Dale M.
    Ha! Sounds like she's prepared to "go to water" at any time, huh?

    OMG!!!! Touche'!!!

    Re: Overnight Indians and wannabes in Tennessee

    Too funny Dale!

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