Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee

    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee
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    Re: Tribal Identity Splits Native Americans

    from the article: "It's a question of who is and who is not a Native American — and who gets to decide."

    Simple! The answer is provided further in the article:

    "The groups claiming to be remnant tribes could take any legitimate claim of tribal membership to federally recognized tribes ...."

    but the groups CANNOT even meet the requirements for membership, never mind being able to achieve a federal status of their own.

    from the article: "What we have here in this state is sort of like a competition of Indian-ness," said Walters ..."

    No; there's no "competition" except in the minds of those who want recognition for something they didn't DO and had no control over: circumstances of their birth - some 180 or so yrs after the fact. Where have they all been for the last 50 yrs; for the last 30?; the last 20? even the last 10?!

    from the article: "State recognition could make the tribes eligible for some federal Bureau of Indian Affairs programs and open the door for the artwork, crafts and goods created by these groups to be labeled and sold as "genuine Native American."

    A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet as a rose ... and crap will always be crap, no matter what label is tried to cover the smell of crap.

    from the article: It could allow tribe members to apply for special business loans and participate in government supplier diversity programs that can help build a business, Meeks said."

    Apparently not, as there's been NO formal recognition (or documentation?) needed for "Cornerstone Equipment & Supply, Inc" in Knoxville & Houston, TX also - owned and operated by Herstle Cross of the "United Eastern Lenape Nation" out of east TN AKA the "Upper Cumberland Cherokee" - one of the 6 groups wanting to make [MORE] money by being 'recognized' by the state of Tennessee. The company already has a "Certified SBA 8(a)" for somehow being "Native Owned and Operated".


    from the article: "James Everett Meeks, the commission's secretary, said Native American groups who rode out persecution the best way they knew how shouldn't be penalized now that their heritage is "cool."

    "Rode out" for 180+ yrs?! Not likely. This is 2010, for crying out loud!!! There are many legit tribes (not in TN) that have been petitioning FEDERALLY for many DECADES now. IF these groups are as legit as they want everyone to believe, where have they been before the last few yrs? Why does NO ONE know of them - or their alleged history?

    and one of the most insulting and offensive comments made yet regarding comments made by Melba Eads (in the article):
    greenkepi wrote:

    Quote: "The idea of state-level recognition for what are essentially social clubs — people who may have Indian ancestry but are not Indians — is offensive to me," said Melba Checote Eads, a citizen of the Oklahoma-based Muscogee Creek Nation who has lived in Tennessee since the early 1990s.

    "We are people who were run down on horseback, burned out, put in chains and drug off to Oklahoma. To stand in my face and say they are Indians is fraud, cultural fraud and cultural theft." [END QUOTE]

    Well...bless your heart, Ms. Eads. My ancestors hid out in the mountains of NC, refused to be placed on a "roll" and suffered all kinds of hard-ships for who they were...and now it is offensive to you! And then, you have the exculsive right to call yourself one of the 'People' just because your ancestors took the 'free-trip' to Oklahoma. But...however, my Grandmother would have forgiven you...and so do I....

    "refused to be placed on Roll"
    "Hid out"

    lost citizenship

    Simple math, "ENNIT"?!

    you're forgiven for not understanding

    you wrote:
    "... you have the exculsive right to call yourself one of the 'People' just because your ancestors took the 'free-trip' to Oklahoma."

    THIS comment is OFFENSIVE!!! "FREE TRIP"??? Uh, obviously the Trail of Tears where thousands DIED means nothing to you. But YOU want "to call yourself one of the People" because your ancestor DESERTED the Nation and People for a "FREE RIDE" for being NOT INDIAN?

    We acknowledge that with your comments, you have achieved your "special recognition".

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